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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Emma Marie Rollins & James P Keely Marrage Certificates

For Emma Marie Rollins & James P Keely

Evelyn Josephine Owen & James P Keely Death Certificates

Eben B. Owen Husband of Evelyn Josephine Owen

Richard Jacob Albright's & Emma Mariah Rollins Death Notice's & Certificates

Richard Jacob Albrecht Death Certificate

Nicholas Albright's Death Notice

Nicholas Albright's Death Notice Auburn Journal July 14 1955
Nicolas was Richard Jacob Albright's Son and Brother to Mary Magdalene Albright my paternal Grandmother.

George Ernest Albright's Certificate of Death

All of these are children of my Paternal Great Grandparents Richard Jacob Albright & Marie Emma Rollins

George Ernest Albright's Certificate of Death

Christina Sophia Rosemary Albright's Death Notices

Daniel Leroy Abright's Wife Christina Sophia Rosemary Albright's Death Notice, Daniel was the Brother of my Paternal Great Grandfather Richard Jacob Albright

Rollins Book Pages 19, 20, 29, 30, 56

These are the final scans, I guess that these were the only pages that pertained to out family since thats all that my Dad made copies of.

Rollins Book Pages 17 & 18

Rollins Pages 14 - 16

Rollins History Pages 11 - 13

Rollins History Book Part 3

Rollins History Book Part 2

Rollins History Book Part 1

My Dad had made photocopies from this historybook of Rollins family history. Click on the pages to make them bigger. I will add more pages every Sunday.

William Wallace Tuttle & Mary Ann Vroman's Death Certificates

William & Mary Tuttle were My Father Zenas Burrow's Great Grandparents. His Father was John William Burrows, John's Mother was Myrtle Maude Tuttle and Myrtle's Parents were William & Mary Tuttle. This is their Death Certificates

George Walter Burrows

George was my Father Zena's Uncle. Brother of his Father John William Burrows and Son of his Grandfather Harvey Abraham Burrows.

Harvey, Myrtle & Cleo Burrows

Harvey Abraham & Myrtle Maude Tuttle were my Father Zena's Grandparents. Cleo Marie Burrows was their youngest daugter and my Fathers Aunt and the Sister of Zena's Father John William Burrows.