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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Burrow's Funeral Programs & Obituaries

Im actually not quite sure who Edna G. Craven is, the Funeral Program and Obituaries were in my Dad's Metal case. If anyone knows please let me know.

Johann? Harvey M. Burrows was Dad's second to oldest brother.

Burrow's Funeral Programs & Obituaries

Francisco L. Burrows was (Zena's) Dad's third oldest Brother.
John Arthur was Dad's Oldest brother.

Dad's High School Transcript

Julie Burrow's Wedding Announcement. Julie is Dad's oldest daughter from his first marrage to Terry Maureen Heath.

Zena's Navy Record's

Navy History
Navy Training Record

Enlisted Classification Record

Honorable Discharge

Honorable Discharge Back

Burrows Documents

Back in the the Sixtys Dad was called to be a Seventy. That was when Seventy's were Stake Missionaries rather than General Authorities as we know them today.

Not sure about the first letter, but this one is from a Frank M. Moxon who claims to be a half Brother to Milton Albrecht the brother of my Grandmother Mary Magdalene Albrecht. The letter refers to the possibility that both were desended from the Habsburg royal line. Theres some possibility of there not being a connection in the Albrecht/Burrows line to royality, but who knows. I plan on researching more in depth.

Burrow's Forms & Papers

Letter from John William Burrows, Zenas Burrow's Father to a Harry Furlong

Sacremento Bee Death Notice submission? for (Richard) Jacob Albrecht, Zenas Burrow's maternal Grandfather.

Bureau of Pensions form for Jacob Albrecht

Veterans Death of Beneficiary form for Jacob Albrecht

Burrows Census Records

1840 Census? This is hard to read since its a copy but Adam Albrecht (Zena's Great Grandfather) is near the bottom. He had 2 children under 5 and both he and his wife were between 30 & 40. If im reading this correctly.

1850 Census Adam Albrecht

1860 Mary Albrecht (After Husband Adam's Death? Although I have in my records that he died around 1893?)

1880 Richard Jacob Albrecht

Richard Jacob Albrecht Documents

Dad had a lot of paperwork on his Grandfather Jacob Albrecht.

Declaration of Widows Pension
Declaration of Pension

Volunteer Record For War with Spain

Death Certificate

Not quite sure who James P. Keely is?

Harvey A Burrows & Zenas A Burrows

This is a verified Transcript from the Registrer of Marrage for Harvey A. Burrows (Zena's Paternal Grandfather)
Zenas Burrows Baptism record

Zena's Certificate of Ordination to the Arronic Priesthood

Zena's Certificate of Ordination to Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood

Zena's Certificate of Ordination to High Priest in the Melchizedek Priesthood

Zenas Burrow's Grave Marker

We recently made a visit to Spokane, Washington and while there we visited a couple of cemitaries. This is where my Dad was buried

Heart Transplant Newspaper Clippings

When Dad got his Heart transplant he was the second one to recieve one in Spokane, so it was covered by the Media a lot.

Burrows Documents & Letters

A Letter from Linda Sullivan (a reletive)to my Father Zenas about family history info.

Zena's Birth Certificate
Zena's Mission Call as a Stake Missionary.


This is another letter from Linda a family relation that Dad corresponded with about Family history.

Dad enquired to the church about a royal line and acording to their research we are not related to one of Napoleon's concubines and the Habsburg line. But Im still not sure since I have another record that might prove otherwise.