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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ethel Margaret Albrecht & other reletives

This is from an E-Mail that I recieved from John Frey.

"This a picture of Ethel at around 20 yrs I would guess."

"This pix is 1956. My first memories of Grandma, she was using just one cane, then she was on two canes, then on one crutch and then in the house she was in a walker. She still cooked every meal and canned and put on big holiday meals for the lazies. When I was living there in the 60.s, breakfast was two large pan cakes, eggs, sausage or bacon and of course milk. It took me along time to eat eggs, and grandma would kid me about it and the reason was, I seen the chickens scratching under the outhouse and grandpa was still using it. Also not until my wife’s family would I eat cheese, cause of the sour milk smell from the dairy, just couldn’t do it."

"This is GM at my wedding 1966, Clifford is pushing and I believe the lady behind Cliff is Aunt Edna."

"This is Grandpa Frey and cousin Kenny about 1956 at the ranch at Franklin. GP smoked cigars and did chew, when he would take the plug out of his breast pocket he would always offer some. You had to get smart real quick if you rode in the back seat, behind him and if the window was open you would be wiping chew out of your eyes, so you sat on the other side at least the smart kids did. He was a horrible driver, eyes never on the road checking out the country side. Many a time I would sit on the floor in back cause I didn’t want to see what was going on. Famous dog was Pot Licker, he was GP time piece. When fishing PL would get up and start walking to the car at the right time, his way of saying “Let’s hit the road, my pot is waiting!” When I went with him to Reno it was in the green four door Olds, we must have stayed over but I can’t remember and I don’t know who we were visiting. This would have been in 1950’s. When RM mentioned the name Zenas, I remember GM talking about him, not the subject just that name. Something was going on over in Reno and she just couldn’t get it straight what was happening."

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