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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rose Marie Frey-Lindenthal

(Older Post moved to this blog) I mentioned a week or two ago that a reletive of my Fathers conntacted me because of my contact information on the LDS New Family Search Website. My Father Zenas Burrows Mother was Mary Magdalene Albrecht, Her Sister was Ethel Albrecht. I believe from what I understand that Ethel was Rose's Grandmother. So I believe that makes us 1st or 2nd Cousins? Rose & her Brother John have been trading pictures & documents with me snd giving me Fsmily Stories. Here is a sampling of what Rose has told me.

"In the middle or late 1960s my former husband and I visited with Zenas and his 1st wife Terry in the Salt Lake area. We stayed with them for a few days. If, I remember correctly they had 4 or 5 children at that time. I remember it was an old lovely two story ranch style home. I remember Zenas as a young man, when he was in the Navy, he would visit my Grandmother Ethel Albright-Frey at the ranch in Franklin CA. My Grandfather John N. Frey would visit with the Burrows every once in a while in the Sparks and Reno area. I remember going with him sometimes when he visited."

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