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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Burrows & Shafer

Here is a picture of My Father Zenas Abram Burrows and Sally's parents Leona Grimm Evans and John Dewey Shafer.

Sally Jo's first marrage was to Ron Campbell and they had Scott and Michelle Campbell and Zena's first marrage was two Terry Heath they had Julie, Susan (Sue), Richard (Rich), James (Jim) and David (Dave). They later married each other and had me Paul Andrew Burrows. This is a picture of Scott, Jim and myself.

Here is a picture of Dave, Jim, Richard, Michelle and Scott with Sally, John Dewey and Leona at John & Leona Shafer's home.
This is a picture of Dave, Rich, Dad and myself while visiting Rich's college dorm which I believe was at Eastern Washington Univercity.
This is a picture of Jim and his daughter Tiffany.

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